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We are car people, just like you. We understand the endless hours required to run a successful dealership. We understand the headaches. We're here to tell you, there is a better way!

Several years ago, our founders, former elites of the car biz discovered what is now a closely guarded trade-secret. With this knowledge as their foundation they've created the most successful targeted marketing campaign in the country.

Bankruptcies are common to every market. Auto dealers can benefit from marketing to these prospects after they have been discharged. All BK leads we provide have been discharged in the last 30 days and are local to your specific market. We allow you to target consumers who have been discharged from their debts and have limited financial options. Response rates are usually higher because of their limitations. These consumers are in need to re-establish and rehabilitate their credit.

Our technique and technology is always being improved upon. We are more than a lead provider. Simply put, we put buyers in dealerships, and just like you, we are the best at what we do. We're waiting for your call.

About us

Who We Are

Customer Track brings buyers to you, and provides you the tools you need to make the deal.

We provide a variety of services depending on what your business needs. We do just about about everything but write the deals for you.


“A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” – Henry Ford



Customer Track is pleased to introduce you to our innovative and proven prospecting solutions and dealer marketing programs. Programs that leverage the growing cost benefits of targeted marketing over conventional advertising. We produce one of the industry's leading and exclusive qualified applications for today's modern dealers. We have developed a marketing program that assures every penny spent is directed at consumers in your market that are going to buy within the next 3 days. Additionally, we provide complete auto loan applications through our award winning call centers delivered to your dealership by fax or e-mail 24/7, within seconds of their origination.

Highly Targeted Leads

Mail & Print Solutions

Full Featured CRM Tool

24 Hour Call Center


Our process is tried and true. Simple and effective..

Target your leads

The first step is to target the right prospects for you. This depends on who you're able to finance. We take into consideration several parameters when finding your leads: Radius of your location, Credit score range, Recenlty had their credit pulled by one of your competitors, etc.

Get their Attention

The next step is to get their attention. We do this by providing custom, highly personalized mail or email campaigns. We provide these customers a pin code and a website to visit, where they can set an appointment with the dealer. We typically have very high response rates. This is the beginning of our communication.

Follow Up

Once we have their attention, we keep it. If they visit one of our sites and do not set an appointment they are contacted by our call center to follow up. If they do set an appointment and miss it, they are contacted by our call center. Rather contact your leads yourself? Your CRM has email and text-message solutions built-in.

Close the deal

This is the only part we can't do for you. We pre-validate them, contact them, we put them in your dealership. It's up to you to make the sale.


The best plans to find the best leads.

We recommend speaking to Kim, our account manager to help you determine the best plan for your needs.


Call for Rates

Full Featured CRM

Personalized letter/email Templates

Targeted customers looking to get out of their current vehicle.

Full call center access

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Call for Rates

Full Featured CRM

Personalized letter/email Templates

Customers recently discharged or in 341 meeting

Full call center access

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Call for Rates

Full Featured CRM

Personalized letter/email Templates

Customers recently visited one of your competitors.

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Call for Rates

Full Featured CRM

Personalized letter/email Templates

Promote customer loyalty. Keep your customers.

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Address: 8270 Woodland Center Blvd Ste 135 • Tampa, FL 33614
Email: ed@customertrackinc.com
Telephone: (888) 752-4338
Direct: (813) 610-1943
Fax: (813) 961-3709

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm PST.

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